Acid Burn Victim

Acid Burn Victim

Acid Burn Victim

Name: Tenzin Chettri

Age: 15 years

Family member: 2 deceased

Origin: Sindhupalchok, Naakutae

Condition: Acid Burnt

Tenzing Chettri was brought to the attention of NCV through our Chuchepati IDP camp Volunteer, Dawa Sherpa who immediately upon seeing the critical condition of the kid took him to Bir Hospital where they were unwilling to treat the suffering victim with no guardians. After much running around,  Dawa took him by ambulance to Sankhu Hospital where he was treated and brought back to the Chuchepati camp,as he had nowhere else to go. He was set up in a tent and provided, food and regular medical services. Even after the treatment, the acid wounds on the boy was festering and stinking so strongly that no one wanted to be near him. NCV even provided a special care-taker for him who changes his dressing everyday and bathes him. Taking pity on the boy, all alone in the world and sleeping in the streets, NCV Temporary Clinic team at Chuchepati started taking care of him and giving him some hope in life. The support of UNICEF to the Temporary Clinic at Chuchepati camp was crucial in Tenzing getting the treatment and support he has received.

The victim had arrived in Kathmandu from his native place of Naakutae, Sindhupalchowk after all his family were deceased in the earthquake on April 25th. With nothing to his name and no family members, he arrived in Kathmandu 15 days after the earthquake devastated his life. After two days he got work as gold cleaner at an ornament shop in Patan. He was allowed to sleep and have food in the gold shop by the owner Mr. Raju.

One day as he was working at the gold shop, a bottle containing acid exploded, while he was carrying it. The owner took the victim to Patan hospital for initial treatment. Tenzin couldn’t work so he left his job in the gold shop and started living in the streets. He heard about the Chuchepati IDP camp and he came here and is now supported by Dawa and NCV in the camp. Currently, he is living in the camp, assisted by camp residents and is taken to Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital regularly for treatment.  Now the he is in good condition and is looking forward to a normal life in future.

(All the facts presented here was narrated by the victim. So far there is no means of verifying it.)